30 years ago, George Bush Snr called for a kinder gentler politics in America. More recently, a politician from another end of the spectrum, Jeremy Corbyn, re-used the phrase. Yet the latest polling from Ipsos Mori showed that 85% of British people think the country is becoming more divided, with the majority believing that has become significantly worse in the last decade. The public are beginning to look to an authoritarian strongman (or woman), which will likely weaken the hand of the politically powerless.

Today’s febrile political atmosphere, evidenced daily through threats to journalists, MPs and activists is likely to act as a further disincentive for people to become involved in politics or vote.  A group of us have come together to try to show that there can be reward for thoughtful, reflective public debate that reaches across the aisle and seeks to improve our civil discourse.

There are three award categories:

  • Politician of the Year
  • Bridge Builders of the Year
  • Campaigner of the Year

A £3000 prize that will be donated to a charity within the constituency of, and nominated by the winning Politician of the Year.