Civility in Politics Seminars

The purpose of “Civility in Politics” seminars is to teach and promote respect, civil discourse, open dialogue and active listening as we deal with issues that affect all of us. We open by  reinforcing basic civil communication skills, then give participants an opportunity to practice those skills, focusing on a specific issue or issues.

The seminars are hands-on and interactive and encourage courageous conversation in a safe and non-threatening climate. Participants leave the sessions with skills and ideas they can put into action immediately.

Specific topics include  health care, education, racism, housing, income equality, environment, fair taxation or any topic the group is passionate about. Click on this link for further information.

Train the Trainer

“Teach others to teach others” is one of the goals of “Civility in Politics.” In addition to providing a faculty to conduct seminars for your group or organization, we are committed to helping organizations sustain momentum and foster ongoing activism. In the “train the trainer” sessions we suggest tips and ideas for creating meaningful activities to keep people engaged, motivated and informed. Click on this link for further information.