January 16, 2017

Turn Your Anger Into Activism
by Denny Smith, Executive Director

Civility in Politics, Inc.

There will be protests across the country on Friday and I challenge the demonstrators to do this. Turn your anger into activism. Protest on Friday if  you must but starting Saturday, put your frustration aside and begin to work positively and civilly for the change that you desire.
Negativity does not defeat negativity. We learned that in this past election. Anger does  not defeat anger, it only fuels more of it. Martin Luther King and other great world leaders have taught us that hate does not eliminate hate; only love can do that.

We are at a crossroads in America. We are going to continue down our divisive path and suffer the consequences or we are going to learn how to work together as a nation and flourish. We are blessed with a golden opportunity right now to change America from the bottom up. Returning to civility in politics will be  difficult for our political leaders, so that  leaves it up to "We the People" to get active and be the change we want to see.

Let's get rid of the partisan bickering, finger pointing and name calling and engage in meaningful, issues oriented dialogue. Let's get out of attack mode and move towards engaging in calm and logical discussion. Learn how to turn an argument into a civil conversation

We can heal America but it happens one person at a time.

Are you willing to get on board?

For more information visit www.civilityinpolitics.org

January 9, 2017

Let's Appreciate our Government
by Denny Smith, Executive Director
Civility in Politics, Inc.

Talk show hosts and politicians get great mileage out of spreading fear and disdain for government. It is time that we the people reverse that and start counting our blessings.

When you send  your kids or grandkids off to our free public schools, count your blessings. The morning after a snowstorm as you drive to work on roads already plowed by our city, county and state road crews, be grateful. Appreciate the protection you receive from our dedicated  law enforcement officers, fire fighters and first responders. When you see your parents or grandparents enjoying the benefits of social security and Medicare in their retirement, marvel at the foresight and courage of those who pioneered those government programs so our retirees can enjoy dignity and peace of mind in their golden years.

We take airports, roads, bridges, traffic control, small business loans and literally hundreds of other government services for granted. Let's take stock of what we have and openly appreciate living in one of the greatest societies in the history of humankind. It may not be perfect yet but it sure is good.

Have a great week and spread the message about appreciating our government services.

The more we are grateful for what we have,

the more we will have to be grateful for.